Our added value

At PRODETICS, we have understood for a long time that your success is our success. The better your project is running, the better your production develops. We therefore devote all of our energy to assisting you, and to giving your product all the attention that you would give it. It is this approach that makes PRODETICS a reliable, flexible, serious and safe subcontractor. You can count on us.

  1. SimplicityOne single representative in strategic partnerships with quality suppliers.

  2. FlexibilityVery small, small and medium production, to minimise your stocks and adapt to your requests.

  3. CustomisedWe adapt exactly to your needs.

  4. Economies of scaleNo storage or management costs; no tying up of equipment; simplifies accounting.

  5. AutomatisationOur stock of machines enables us to automate certain procedures.

  6. Just in Time DeliveriesDelivery according to a preestablished schedule.

  7. Know howOur technicians' experience is our best guarantee of quality.

  8. ResponsivenessWe remain constantly attentive to your wishes.

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