Integration services

PRODETICS can carry out the complete integration of your product as a subcontractor, as well as the fitting of its various mechanical and electronic parts, it's cables, and the subassemblies that make it up. We have many particularly good partnerships in the sheet metal and electronic programming fields which enable us to provide the best service to you, according to your needs.

From purchase to just-in-time delivery, through tests and packaging, PRODETICS is a subcontractor at your disposal at all stages of the production and industrialisation of your finished product.

Industrial subcontracting in assembly and fitting of subassemblies, electronic units and electrical systems
Industrial subcontracting in fitting, wiring and integration of electronic racks and electrical chassis
Assembly integration of electronic systems on chassis including electronic card and display unit
Mechanical fitting and wiring of industrial case including the electronic PC card and display screen assembly
Subcontracted and mass production fitting and wiring of industrial electrical and electronic cabinets subassemblies
Subcontracted assembly and wiring of electronic cards and consoles in frames
Subcontracted mass production of customised automatic distributors including fitting, integration and wiring
Subcontracted manufacture of electric trollleys or electronic consoles in the medical or industrial sectors
Industrial subcontracting in assembly wiring and fitting of electronic devices and electrical devices
Mass assembly, fitting and wiring of BETRACE intelligent medical trolleys
Fitting, mechanical assembly and wiring of industrial consoles and frames including the assembly of connectors and fuses on the front
Subcontracted manufacture mechanical assembly and wiring of electronic and computer terminals subassemblies
Subcontracted integration of motor and battery kits

A complete service for a perfect product

Your needs? Release time to develop new products, improve them or sell them, and minimise your costs. Our offering? To industrialise your product, so that its manufacturing costs are reduced, and manage your production, according to your wants, from cable purchase to packaging and delivery. We have been made to meet each other.
PRODETICS has already participated in many electromechanical integration projects and is therefore positioned as your ideal partner for subcontracting your production. We can bring together your purchases, industrialise your product, assemble it in small, medium or large production runs and submit it to a battery of tests which we will define together. Nothing comes out of our place without being perfect. Perhaps you have other needs? A particular type of packaging? Advice for your production? We tell you, we were made to work together.

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