Manufacture of flat cables or ribbon cables

Your ribbon cables - or flat cables - are also part of our skills. PRODETICS is your best partner in terms of cutting, soldering and/or fitting connectors on ribbon cables.

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Mass production of ribbon cable for electronics
As production of all types of flat cables
Connector crimping for ribbon cable
Mass production of flat cables

Simple, fast, low-cost: benefit from all the advantages of customised flat cables

Ribbon cables are used heavily in computing where DE9 - mistakenly called DB9 - and DB25 connections are currently used. But apart from D-SUB-type connectors, a multitude of other connectors can be fitted onto a flat cable: it remains a multiconductor cable just like any other, and can be crimped, stripped and soldered onto any type of connector. RJ connectors (RJ45, RJ21) are much used in network communications, and IDC-type connectors (like HE10) particularly enable your flat cable to be connected directly to an electronic card. Flat cables exist in various colours and cross sections; so it is you that determines your needs, and we will meet them to order. All your ribbon cables are tested, whether these are small, medium or large production runs.