Manufacture of flat cables or ribbon cables

Your ribbon cables - or flat cables - are also part of our skills. PRODETICS is your best partner in terms of cutting, soldering and/or fitting connectors on ribbon cables.

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Mass production of ribbon cable for electronics
As production of all types of flat cables
Connector crimping for ribbon cable
Mass production of flat cables

Simple, fast, low-cost: benefit from all the advantages of customised flat cables

Whether it is in computing, network communication or the electronics industry, ribbon cables are extremely useful. Discreet and thin, they enable a great number of conductors to be passed without increasing the thickness needed to allow them to pass through. Given that they are, above all, multiconductor cables, flat cables can be connected using a great variety of connectors. The most current are, however, D-SUB-type, like DE9 or DB25, popularised by computer series communications. RJ connectors are highly used in network communication, whether this is for telephones or ethernet connections (RJ45). Flat cables can also provide communication between electronic cards, in BUS or in series, particularly using IDC-type connectors (like the HE10). As always, at PRODETICS, all of our cables are produced to order and are tested. Absolutely all of them.