Manufacture of flat cables or ribbon cables

Your ribbon cables - or flat cables - are also part of our skills. PRODETICS is your best partner in terms of cutting, soldering and/or fitting connectors on ribbon cables.

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Mass production of ribbon cable for electronics
As production of all types of flat cables
Connector crimping for ribbon cable
Mass production of flat cables

Simple, fast, low-cost: benefit from all the advantages of customised flat cables

Flat cables are multi-conductor cables that come in the form of a ribbon, often grey, where wire number 1 is recognisable from its singular colour. They are often used in computing (DE9 or DB25 D-SUB connectors, for example), in network communications (RJ45 ethernet connectors) or in electronics (IDC connectors, like HE10, going directly to an electronic card). They are practical, low-cost, and can fly discreetly into the corners of a machine. Whatever the number of conductors that you need, or the volume of the production runs that you are envisaging, we have an advantageous solution to offer you, always accompanied by the certainty that your cables have been tested by us.