All treatment of wires

PRODETICS can carry out your cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering, tinning etc. and fits your terminals and end pieces, using our various machines. We only do this to order, and are keen to supply you with the most reliable wires. We can also supply the different wires which make up your products in complete kits, whether these are (very) small, medium or large production runs.

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Subcontracted manufacture of wiring kits for electronics
Subcontracted manufacture of electrical wiring for electronics
Subcontracted manufacture of wire kits for electrical boards and boxes
Subcontracted wiring: crimping and fitting of terminals on electrical wires for boards and boxes
Wiring cabling including cutting and crimping of terminals on electrical wire
Subcontractor for wiring crimping fitting of terminals on wires and marking electrical wires for electronics
Subcontractor for wiring kits for cabling electrical boxes and cabinets
Subcontracted wire cutting, twisting and tinning for the electrical and electronics industry

Purchases, cutting, stripping, soldering, crimping, tinning... We already have your wires at our fingertips

The heart of our business is wiring subcontracting. Because we excel in it and offer a mountain of additional unmatched services, but also because it is the basis of all our production. Whether it's a matter of cable harnesses, electromechanical integration or cabling of electrical or electronic subassemblies, wires are everywhere. And everywhere we give them the greatest attention.
All the stages of the preparation of your wires require endless care: if your wires are faulty, your whole project will falter. Also, as well as meticulous work, we can offer you the most scrupulous testing of each wire. So, with PRODETICS, not only do you have the assurance that your wires are produced to order and meet all your expectations, you also have the security of knowing they are reliable.