Crimping, assembly and testing of cable harnesses

PRODETICS has great experience in terms of electrical and electronic harnesses. We use a wide range of wires, cables and connectors. Whether it's a matter of a power supply or communications harness, or both at the same time, you can trust PRODETICS. Furthermore, all the harnesses that we manufacture are meticulously tested.

By clicking on the images below, you can enlarge them, and find out about some examples of cable harnesses that we have already produced.

Subcontracting in mass production of harnesses or strands and fitting connectors
Assembly mass production of harnesses or strands and fitting connectors
Assembly mass production of electrical harnesses or electrical strands and fitting of connectors
Manufacturer of electrical harnesses or electrical strands in mass production and assembly of connectors
Subcontracting of cable strands and harnesses, JST connectors
24AWG cable harnesses and JST connectors
subcontracted mass production of cable harnesses for the medical industry, JST connectors
Subcontractor in cable harnesses with fitting of an E-Switch microswitch
Mass production of cable harnesses, HIROSE connectors

Whatever the connectors, whatever the cables: forget about the complexity of your cable harnesses

Cable harnesses can be very complex, bring together a large number of connectors, wires and junctions, require installation or shielding... This is no problem for us. We have already cabled a great variety of cable harnesses, each time gaining the complete satisfaction of our clients. Why is this? Our taste for work well done, and our infinite care in pinning and testing. It is impossible for us to envisage the output of a wiring harness where we are not completely certain of its accuracy.
All types of cables and connectors can be grouped together in a cable harness. The harnesses mean that the work of finally assembling your product is simplified by offering a single set of cables to be laid and connected. To do this, we offer you numerous marking methods, so that you can find your way around, even within the most complex of cable harnesses. We are also an integrator, we know how to simplify the task for you.