Manufacture of multiconductor cables

PRODETICS has great experience in terms of multiconductor cables. For years, we have assembled numerous types of cables and connectors, of different lengths, shielded, flat, complex or excessively thin. The key word is customised. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you reduce your costs and simplify your production chain.

By clicking on the images below, you can enlarge them, and find out more about our subcontract multiconductor cable production.

Subcontracting of the manufacture of cables including audio or video connectors
Crimping of soldering of connectors on cables for the electronics and electrical industry
Mass production of cables for connection onto electronic cards
Subcontracting in the customised and mass production of military cables
Mass production of cables for electronics and PCB connectors
Subcontracting in the customised manufacture of cables with fitting of Molex microfit connector
Subcontracting in customised cable assembly with fitting of Molex minifit connector
Assembly by soldering of Neutrik connector on cables for the audio industry
Crimping of terminals and fitting of HIROSE 24AWG connector
Subcontracted mass fitting of JST connectors
harnesses for the medical industry, JST connectors
Subcontracted harness cabling for the medical industry

Simplify your life and make savings: entrust us with the production of your customised multiconductor cables

We speak about multiconductor cables when several wires, or insulated conductors, are joined within the same sheath. These cables therefore enable the transmission of current - negative, positive and potentially the earth – or signals. There are a multitude of types of multiconductor cables: with more or less wires, more or less shielding, different cross sections etc. And an even greater diversity of connectors: D-SUB, plug & socket, RJ45, DE9, DB25, audio, video, rectangular, circular, etc. As you can see on the photos above, we have already worked with a great diversity of multiconductor cables. And these are only a few examples. The great strength of PRODETICS in the production of your multiconductor cables is our availability to advise you, our flexibility that provides you with customised cables, but above all the scrupulous testing which we impose upon each cable that we produce.