Manufacture of high-frequency coaxial cables

Coaxial cables enable transmissions at very high frequencies. They must therefore be produced with the greatest of care in order to ensure an ideal connection. Whether they are soldered or crimped, fine or .... incredibly fine, you can entrust them to us.

By clicking on the images below, you can enlarge them, and find out some coaxial cables that we have already manufactured as a subcontractor.

DIN 1.0/2.3 coaxial cables to BNC jack
NEUTRIK NBNC 75 BDD 6 coaxial cables to AMPHENOL DIN 1.0/2.3
Crimping of RADIAL SMB connectors onto coaxial cables
manufacture of SMB coaxial cables
subcontracted manufacture of coaxial cables
subcontracted fitting of a coaxial MULTICOMP connector
subcontracted manufacture of coaxial cables, RADIAL connector
MULTICOMP coaxial connector with coloured sheaths

Are you communicating at great frequencies? We are shielded against interference!

PRODETICS has solid experience in terms of coaxial cables. It is not by chance that we have many repeat clients in this area. This is because we have a good understanding of the complexity of coaxial lines, and the need to preserve the shielding of these cables to protect high-frequency transmissions from electromagnetic disturbances. This shielding which runs up to the connectors: whether the pins are soldered or crimped, they must allow the perfect transmission of the signal. We work with a great choice of connectors: BNC, SMB, N, MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMC, SSMB, etc. Whether you are planning small, medium or large production runs, you can trust PRODETICS to manufacture your coaxial cables.