Electrical and electronic subassembly cabling

PRODETICS can assemble, cable and modify electrical, electronic or electrical mechanical subassemblies such as your power supplies, display panels, LEDs, motors, and sensors. PRODETICS is your best partner for the assembly of your products' electrical and electronic subassemblies.

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Subcontracting in the manufacture of production kit subassemblies and cabling of connectors on LEDs, sensors, diodes, pushbuttons, and relays
Mass assembly and production of motors and fitting connectors
Mass cabling of subassemblies and soldering wires and flat cables
Fitting of subassemblies, mass electronic assembly and integration of connector cabling
Series manufacture of motor units, with control system and battery
Subcontracted cabling subassembly for the aeronautics, electronics, telecommunications, industrial, medical, instrumentation, defence industries
Cabling of subassemblies and mass assembly of connectors and switches
Mass subassembly production and assembly of connectors and relays
Mass industrialised assembly of power supply units on DIN rail
Subcontracting power supply cable kit preparation and battery with fuses
Subcontracting of cabling OPTEK infrared sensors with a JST connector
Subcontracting for the cabling of an E-Switch microswitch with HIROSE and MOLEX 2.0mm connectors
Subcontracting of cabling for an OPTEK infrared sensor

Diodes, LEDs, power supplies etc. Trust us with your subassemblies

The subassemblies described here represent a vast field of production. By electrical, electronic or electromechanical subassembly, we mean any element intended to be incorporated in or connected to a more complex product. This brings together power supplies, fuses, diodes, LEDs, screens, display units, motors, electronic locks, switches, sensors, etc. PRODETICS is offering to take on, as a subcontractor, the production of these elements, their testing, and potentially their storage. This way, you can provide for the production of your subassemblies independently of your finished products, for maintenance or updating purposes, or because your product may be configured in different ways – for example, with different screens – and you may wish to be able to reconfigure an element rapidly, and at low cost.