PRODETICS, subcontractor in cabling, wiring, integration and mechatronics

Manufacture of cables, wires, harnesses and electrical and electronic assemblies.

Your wires, cables, harnesses... Our great speciality

PRODETICS can make its experience as a subcontractor for wiring and cabling available to you. Whether it's a matter of simple wires or harnesses of cables, PRODETICS is your best partner. As always, our objective is to comply best with your needs: whatever the connectors or cables that you need, contact us!

Our long experience in industrial subcontracting in electrical and electronic cabling is your best guarantee of quality. All our wires and cables are scrupulously tested at the various stages of production.

All types of wiring, crimping, stripping, and tinning work Wires Flat cables Ribbons Fitting connectors on multiconductor cables Multiconductors Crimping coaxial cables Coaxial Crimping and assembling of cable harnesses harnesses Cabling and assembly of electrical or electronic subassemblies to be integrated Subassemblies Fitting of end pieces, cable preparation and assembly of electrical cabinets Cabinets
Complete integration of your finished product in subcontract

Your finished product

PRODETICS can carry out the complete integration of your product, as well as the assembly of its various mechanical and electronic parts. PRODETICS can also produce your cables and subassemblies needed. Finally, no products comes out of our workshops without having been subjected to the most rigourous tests.

PRODETICS is your preferred partner for subcontracting your cable, wire, harness or electrical and electronic subassembly production. We can also manage the manufacture of your complete devices, making a multitude of services which make up the DNA of our company available to you.

PRODETICS is a service company specialising in the production of câbles, in subcontract, from the wires needed for your electrical boards up to the most complex wiring harnesses. We can also carry out the integration of your products and offer you numerous services additional to production . PRODETICS is your preferred partner both in electrics and electronics.

We can support you in the development of your projects from design to industrialisation, passing through small production runs, thanks to our flexibility and their expertise. Find out about our work on this site, and do not hesitate to contact us so that we can talk about your projects!

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